Threads’ UX on all the users I’ve never followed

Why are they showing up on my feed?

Eva Schicker
5 min readJul 12, 2023


An opinion piece

A feeling of initial data overload

If a social app was a room in my apartment, my Threads’ room would be my living room invaded by hundreds of unknown influencers and users.

All of a sudden, they showed up in my flat because I answered the door by signing up to Threads. They all want me to follow their agenda, like their posts, and repost whatever it is. Food, cats, traffic alerts, politics, weather phenomena.

Mega-brands appear, subtly cloaked as members of the tribe, but not exactly.

Wimbledon, for instance, is showing up on my Threads. I’m now reading about the intricacies of the Wimbledon tennis courts. I’ve never followed any tennis threads, but now, I’m made a tennis connoisseur and thus admiring the stories of all the stars of the Wimbledon court.

Or, it might be Threads’ algorithm feeding me unlimited themes and daily trends to entice me to like new things.

It’s confusing. It adds more media chaos in my already busy day. I scroll intuitively to find anything that makes me relax and breathe with confidence.

I sense that Threads was built to satisfy users’ urge for scrolling.

Scrolling up and down on Threads is a never-ending activity. It feels a lot like…



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