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The weirdness when your creative social platform breaks up with you over nothing

In essence, AI break-ups are the worst UX ever

Eva Schicker
5 min readOct 18, 2023


The AI break-up. Cold UX and burning results. Image by the author.
The AI break-up. Cold UX and burning results. Image by the author.

How it happened

The knife-sharp message delivered to my inbox read:

Unfortunately, your portfolio has not garnered enough attention from our clients. In light of this, we have taken the decision to end our collaboration. [Your bot.]

Seemingly, my stats on that creative platform were not good enough to warrant any type of status on that platform any longer. Whatever those stats used for metrics must have included my time spent daily, which is not much because I had logged on only sporadically after an initial burst of activity.

As a UX designer, I’m scratching my head over this email. What a one-way decision. What non-collaboration.

That was a bummer message. Not only had I joined this creative platform in its beta stages when features were still wobbly, I had invested numerous assets and countless creative hours producing content. Their main business plan focused on selling art and artistic objects, and they needed content to drive metrics. I had signed up because I felt that there was a mutual passion for art.

The platform in question shall remain unspoken of.

As a UX designer and visual creator, I have hundreds of thoughts, but what mostly sucks is how unnecessary such a message really is.

Excellent content creation doesn’t happen overnight

Every creator knows that we have to work harder and smarter and produce more high-quality content. We have to self-advertise cross-platforms, post celebratory announcements of good ratings, reviews, sales, and strive to continually increase our stats.

We know client relationships are the bread and butter of our existence. We take many courses in personal branding, CV development, hi-quality asset generation, productivity charts, product goals.

We know.

But more is not always better



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