Midjourney AI renders of a butterfly with varying style prompts.
Midjourney AI renders of a butterfly with varying style prompts.

How to master 5 fabulous Midjourney style prompts

Cultivate the Midjourney mindset, learn about art styles while experimenting, and build out your story

4 min readMay 1, 2024


{Note: I have no affiliation with Midjourney.}

The experimentation mindset

Experimentation is key. Stunning and surprising visual renders can be achieved by digging into the fantastical glossary of graphic design and art aesthetic style descriptions and formulate any combination thereof.

Groundbreaking artists always experiment. They are not happy with a status quo. They want to go where no one else has gone before and invent their own universe.

Use this mindset.

How Midjourney approaches style presets

Midjourney embeds its style renders under Prompts > Explore Prompting, as a list for artistic mediums/historical periods/locations, and any combination thereof.

Midjourney’s index helps to conceptualize the style experimentation.

Medium / aka style
Specific line techniques
Historical periods
Environment / location

5 style combinators



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