Icons representing negative and positive feelings.
Icons can represent negative and positive feelings.

How to creatively process a gamut of experiences

5 ways UX can help us navigate the daily emotional journey

Eva Schicker
5 min readJul 10, 2022


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Pay attention to what makes us truly happy

Everyday, we go through a range of emotions and reactions. Events we experience can range from blissful to horrendous, exhilarating to negatively imploded.

An icon striving to reach for positive and happy experiences.
Strive to reach for positive and happy experiences.

Being on zoom or video call for hours on end does not help our emotional states either. App feeding frenzies put us into delirious fantasies with no end, not supplying us with answers about how we really feel.

As a New Yorker, I relate to a vast spectrum of daily encounters. Many of my emotions are attached to human suffering in plain sight, homelessness, disease, violence. But also, lovely sights such as a beautifully hidden mini park with water fountains or the French café around the corner filled with aspiring literati who haven’t given up on penning words in a physical journal boost my sensory pleasure receptors enormously.

How can we process the world around us?

The world around us can feel constricted.
The world around us can feel constricted.

When we feel polarizing emotions, on the negative side brought on by triggers such as bad news, noise, or stress, or on the positive side, triggers such as having a great time with friends, getting a good grade, or encountering beautiful flowers in a garden, it can feel overwhelming to process the two sides at once.

5 tools that can help us navigate polarizing daily emotions

These 5 tools help me throughout the journey of creation. I may use them all on any given day, or use one or the other. Sometimes, even just knowing that they are available to me keep track of my emotions is enough.

1. The overview positive/negative chart



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