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Digital giving and receiving

Your gift will be remembered forever and reciprocated many times over

Eva Schicker
5 min readDec 20, 2021


Giving can be done in many ways. We can give the gift of time. Or we can give the gift of family, friendship, and companionship. Or the gift of the arts, music, food, and literature.

Giving has no end, and is an infinite action.

When we think of giving as an action of support and empathy, we can delight in contributing to our community and tribe of family and friends.

How to give as creators: 5 ideas

As designers, we live in a world of infinite creation, some of it tangible, but most of it intangible. Website, logo design, color palettes, book layouts, font declarations, let alone coding pages or animations, how can we ever quantify our endeavors as gifts?

The good news is, we can! All we need to do is to literally think outside the box. Gifting your loved ones a design creation of your own is a one-of-a-kind distinctive gift no one else can give.

Idea #1: Gift a monogram design

Gift your best friend a monogram logo of their name. Suggest to use it as an email sign-off, stationary header, embroider in a bath robe, or screen print on a t-shirt.

Three examples of monograms rendered as a customized design.
Three examples of monograms rendered as a customized design.

A monogram of a gift receiver’s initials is a wonderfully personalized iconic art work. You may even gift it with 1 or 2 rounds of revisions.

Send your monogram gift on a pen drive. The receiver will love opening it.

Idea #2: Gift a personalized poster

Poster designs become extremely handy for all your friends’ zoom sessions and online social calls. Send your digital poster file as a downloadable link. You might include your recommendation for online printers, or suggest a physical printshop where they can print to specs.

Add a personal touch to show your affection. It can be as simple as a dedication, or…



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