Three scenic Midjourney AI renders in black & white.
Three scenic Midjourney AI renders.


5 Midjourney black & white scenic prompts for storyboarding

How to craft eye-catching background scenarios

Eva Schicker
5 min readMay 14, 2024


Black & white location visuals help build out a story from a thematic point of view. They set the place and tone of environment without getting into the mood and deeper emotional layers of the story overall.

Let’s explore the prompts that render impressive and stunning results.

For instance, we can envision a suggestive bustling city street in New York’s Chinatown that sets the stage for a downtown mystery series. Or, picture an undulating landscape in the mythical mountains of Japan setting the stage for a fairy tale of flying cranes, sages, and goddesses.

I experimented with several Midjourney style parameters building these super-enticing black & white scenarios. For future refinements, these scenarios can easily get colorized with mood-setting hues and tones.

First, I define 5 style parameters that construct the neutral scenario

I decide on these five parameters as must-haves in each prompt. They provide for consistency and visual alignment.

Must-have style parameters for each prompt:



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